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Publish your training agenda on the event app. Participants can access the agenda live through the event organizer. For larger workshops and training events, participants can customize the agenda. Trainers can share the documents and content for each session. 

Important Info

Publish important information for each training/workshop event. This feature can be used in multiple ways. This can be used as FAQ and also to list important guidelines to follow. (For example: dress code, parking, check-in guidelines, etc.)


Invite Guests

Invite participants through the event app with the mobile phone number or email. Access the status of participants: joined or pending event registrations.


Each training/workshop has great need for creating discussion forums and platform for participants to ask Q&A. This feature can be used alternatively as discussion forum and Q&A. Event admin and other participants can contribute to this Q&A and forum based on the permissions set.  Event admin can moderate and delete inappropriate responses.


Share Content

Make content sharing more efficient and easy. Share documents, photos and videos with attendees. Avoid the hassle of printing and manual distributing of documents and content for the event. Go paperless with our event planning and management app and content sharing feature.


Imagine an event without asking questions or without taking information from attendees. Create surveys for the event and depending on the nature of survey, you can choose to publish the result or not. Choose to publish survey results with certain start date and end date. Surveys can be published live on the event screen, where you want to take instant vote from the audience.


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