Use Hostevent App to Drive Engagement at your next Corporate Sales/Annual Conference or other Events

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Share corporate event schedule with attendees. Each session can be linked to location, speaker and share custom media for each session. Customize your agenda with favorites and access personalized agenda with “My Schedule”. Create various tracks during the company event based on different topics and categories. 

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Share live pictures during the corporate event through our activity screen. Get access to pictures posted by attendees on activity screen. Share and track emotions through the activity screen postings. Sponsors can post feed on the activity screen. Share the survey through the notification screen. 


Every corporate event planner has the need to communicate and send notifications to attendees for various reasons. Send event notifications and real-time alerts from the company event app. Event admin can schedule event notifications in advance to keep attendees updated with live updates and reminder notifications.

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Access the attendees list and market who is coming before the event. This allows attendees to plan for networking before and during the corporate event. Attendees can update their profile and get relevant contact request. Attendees can accept and reject connection request and maintain the contacts even after the event.

Content Share

Make content sharing more efficient and easy. Share documents, photos and videos with attendees. Avoid the hassle of printing and manual distributing of documents and content for the event. Go paperless with our corporate event planner and content sharing feature.

Content sharing
FAQ about the event


Provide great customer service and user experience with Frequently Asked Questions feature. Leverage the discussion forum and Q&A feature for users to ask questions during the event. Allow attendees to respond or limit access to only event admin for answering the real-time questions. 


Allow attendees to connect with other attendees and send private messages/chat through the app. Attendees can create groups to chat and communicate during and post event. Event admin can create groups to communicate group specific messages. Attendees can connect with other attendees and schedule meetings one on one through the private messaging feature of corporate event planning software.

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Q&A or discussion forum listing screen


Allow attendees to interact and engage by allowing them to ask questions or post topic for discussion. Let other attendees answer to questions or share their views on the discussion topic. Event admin can disable attendees contribution to Q&A/Discussion forum. This feature can be used alternatively like Q&A or Discussion forum on various topics.


Update speaker information and market the company event with influence of speakers. Update the speaker profile with ability to add social network profile for each speakers. 

Speaker detail screen
Sponsor details on event app


Each corporate event has unique place for its sponsors. It is the great value add for corporate event organizers and sponsors. Sponsor details can be updated real-time. Sponsor branding can be done by posting sponsors on activity screen on specific intervals.  


Imagine an event without asking questions or without taking information from attendees. Create surveys for the corporate event and depending on the nature of survey, you can choose to publish result or not. Choose to publish survey results with certain start date and end date. Surveys can be published live on event screen, where you want to take instant vote from the audience. 

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