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  • Pleasantly Surprised Customer

    Hostevent app is really convenient.

    "We were initially reluctant to use this service because they are new, but we are glad that we used it. Super convenient"

    Mike Ferrari
    Vice President Sales
    Upcoming Technology Company in NJ
  • Feature that our customer liked

    "Liked the app especially the media exchange between guests"

    Stephen Miller
    Director Operations
    Services Company based in TX
  • Happy with Customer Support

    "Very easy and straightforward to create the event on the web.

    Got support within 24 hours of raising a query. Really impressed with their customer service"

    Kimberly Seabrook
    Vice President Sales
    Technology Product Company in TX

Stay in control

Advanced Technology Event App



Complete event information

Select the features for your event and build out your content.


Preview and publish

Review and approve before taking your event online.


Promote and track success

Spread the word and measure progress.

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Complete customization
Simple management

We’re passionate about taking your event experience to the next level and we believe that sharing your event should be simple and easy – at a price that makes sense

Everything In One Place

Promote and organize your event with ease by combining our advanced technology with a powerful relationship building platform


Go Digital

Empower your stakeholders and attendees without the trouble of building your own website for your event.


Spread The Word

Easily partner with sponsors and influencers to promote your event across several social media and digital marketing platforms.


Real-time analytics

Create connections to help your stakeholders and attendees achieve their goals.


With the performance indicator, you can keep track of how your event is performing in real-time.


Track engagements

Metrics such as app adoption, engagement on social media, and much more is easily available at your fingertips.


Track influences

Identify attendees, speakers, and sponsors who are really making a mark at your event by tracking trends and connections.


Analyze sentiment

Gather feedback through ratings, reviews and much more that can give you a clear picture of what your attendees thought of your event.

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